Crazy in Love with... One-Piece Swimsuits

I am trying really hard to find the reason why I have always (until now) avoided the one-piece swimsuits and I can't come up with anything plausible.  I've always preferred pools over beaches and I've never been keen on getting tanned or whatever it is that makes someone choose two-piece bikinis over swimsuits. I think I never went for them simply 'cause they weren't very popular among the girls I hang out with.

However, this winter I started going to an indoor pool whenever I got bored of my regular workout and I just felt it would be inappropriate to show up there wearing a floral two-piece number. I mean, there were people there training to become professional swimmers. It would have probably felt like wearing a flowy dress to the gym... aka kinda out-of-place. So this is how I ended up buying my first one-piece swimsuit... and the second one... and the third one will probably follow 'cause I find them cool af.

one-piece swimsuits