Boux Avenue X Breast Cancer Care

If you follow me on Instagram (@instaheyblondie) you might have noticed that I have recently gotten on board with Boux Avenue as one of their Brand Ambassadors. I haven't really found the opportunity to express my excitement around here, but let me tell you now that this is definitely up there in the top 3 opportunities this part time blogger thing has brought into my life. I am loving every moment of it so please bear with me as I'll overshare a ton of cute lingerie and nightwear on the world wide web.

And now let's get to the actual point of this blog post: October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month so if you're a proud possessor of boobies, please follow the next 3 steps:

1. Pay a visit to the Breast Cancer Care website and get yourself informed on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

2. Please make sure you encourage every woman around you to do so as well. Send them an email, a text/Facebook message or whatever - a friendly reminder is always welcome.

3. Now feel free to keep on reading this post.

Boux Avenue is going into its second year of partnership with Breast Cancer Care, with the aim of raising more than £50,000 for the charity this year. Throughout this month, 10% of all sales from their Aimee and Reagan bra styles will be donated and in addition to that, customers will also have the option to add an extra £1 donation to their purchases (both online and in stores). All is in hopes to raise awareness, particularly among young women, about the importance of regularly checking for signs and symptoms of breast cancer. If you would like to contribute to this initiative, follow this 4th extra step:

4. Get on and get yourself or to a boobie possessor dear to you something cute ( do have a look at Aimee and Reagan cause they're pretty AF). Don't forget to use the code CRISTI20 for 20% off your purchase and add the £1 donation. Happy shopping and good-doing!

BTW, you might also want to check out those fancy pink pyjamas you can see me wearing in the photos below. 

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Boux Avenue Discount Code
Boux Avenue Discount Code