8 beauty products I'm hopelessly in love with

8 beauty products I'm hopelessly in love with

I get super many questions about makeup and even though I'm no expert, here I am introducing a new category on the blog which is very creatively named 'MAKEUP'. Not sure if I'll ever do tutorials or anything similar 'cause I'm hella shy, but I'll try to share with you as many tips, tricks and other stuff regarding this area as possible.

Scroll down and meet 8 products which I'm crazy in love with, use constantly and will probably repurchase 'till the end of time (Can you notice the 2 Beyonce song titles in this phrase? lol).

1. REVLON Colorstay Foundation - for oily skin! It is heavenly and I swear by it! I get really oily, especially during winter time, and this foundation works wonders - it provides the greatest coverage without wearing off during the day and it spares me from having to carry other products with me for later touch-ups. However, the downside of it is the fact that it can feel a bit too heavy during summer, depending on your personal preference (I don't mind this, for example) and it can also get a bit cakey if you're not very good at applying foundation in general.

2. VICHY DERMABLEND Foundation - I know you might find it weird that I have two favorite foundations at the same time, but trust me when I say that both are wonderful, just in slightly different ways. The Dermablend provides a bit less coverage and it also doesn't have quite as much staying power as the Colorstay, but it feels a lot more 'healthy' for the skin (if that makes any sense). I find myself gravitating towards this one on days when I feel like my face asks for something more nourishing. Since this one is a dermato-cosmetic product with healing properties, it gives me exactly what I need.

3. Maybelline FIT ME Concealer - concealers are one of my many obsessions. There's a high chance that this is all in my head, but everytime I look at myself in the mirror, there's one thing I see: dark under-eye circles. In hopes that I'll find one which does miracles, I buy concealers like crazy. So far, the Maybelline Fit Me is the best one - decent coverage while looking smooth and not feeling heavy.

4. RealTechniques Starter Set Brushes - there's not much to say about those 'cause they're quite popular. Pretty sure they're the best quality brushes at the best price on the market. The set contains each and every brush you'll ever need for your eye makeup, they're super soft and they'll probably last you a lifetime if you take good care of them.

5. TooFaced Natural Eyes Eyeshadow Palette - I left the colorful eye makeup far behind, somewhere in the 7th grade, and I became a sucker for neutral eyeshadows. This palette contains 95% of all the colors I'll ever use and I love everything about it: the cute and compact packaging, the racy names and obviously, the quality of the shadows.

6. TooFaced Shadow Insurance Lemon Drop - behind every pretty and shimmery eyeshadow look, there's a great primer. Primers are the big secret of good-looking and long-lasting makeup. The color correcting properties of the Lemon Drop are a big plus, especially for those with purpleish looking eyelids like mine.

7. TooFaced BETTER THAN SEX Mascara - It measures up to it's name! Perfection is the only word I can think of for describing this mascara. It ads volume and length to my lashes like no other. I tried and tried to find a cheaper dupe for it, but nope, them other mascaras didn't stand a chance... Oh and you've probably realized by now that TooFaced is one of my favorite makeup brands.

8. Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream (in Party Pink) - I mught have a thing for products with a lot of staying power...guess it's mainly because I profoundly dislike having to fix my makeup during the day. Well, here's another one: my red lipstick of choice which I use as the quick fix I was talking about in the previous blog post. I know the title says it's pink, but please ignore it; it's fiery red-orange no matter in which light you look at it. The color doesn't transfer on absolutely anything and it stays on for as many hours as you let it. Unfortunately it dries out your lips like hell! Don't even try to apply it without previous hard-core moisturizing.