Body Gold

DISCLAIMER: I'm PMS-ing HARD right now! 

OK, let's get to the point! So it happens that I have this little blog going on where I mostly post photos in which, let's face it, I look quite pretty...not drop dead gorgeous, but pretty.  2 hours spent getting ready, another hour spent trying to find the best angles, a little bit of airbrush here and there and TADAAAM, a pretty blondie ready to receive the nicest compliments from the nicest people. (Now, I'll take a moment to say how incredibly thankful I am for those encouraging words! They are the greatest self esteem booster!)

Back to the main point. Upon seeing all those great words addressed to little ol' me, not only do I get all rosy cheeked and stuff, but a saying always pops into my mind: 'we only show people what we want them to see'. The dirt is always swept under the mattress 'cause blogging does imply a lot of vanity and love for keeping up an impeccable appearance.  Reality looks different though. Neither me nor half of them other bloggers look as good and put together on daily basis as you see them on their sites. That I can assure you of. Unless they're full time bloggers, NOBODY has the damn time that it takes to get themselves to look that good.

Personally, I can't manage to do a full makeup look more than three days a week, I live in jeans and t-shirts when I'm not taking photos, oh, and ain't nobody got time for wearing high heels. It's an image, a cool one which I love to paint as often as I can in hopes that you will find it just as cool as I do - it's some sort of playing dress up. But normal people, for whom vanity is not the main focus in life, got better and more profound things to care about. So next time you stumble upon a beautiful picture that makes you feel even the slightest insecurity about your appearance, try as hard as you can to remember that SHIT'S NOT FOR REAL and that I wish I would have understood that before I found myself dealing with frustrations...