Start Again

It's THAT time of the year - the proper time for my beloved shorts. Since they are considered one of the tricky items, here are my tips/rules which hopefully will make it easier for you to chose/wear them:

1. When wearing shorts, you're buttocks are NOT supposed to show...unless you're a stripper, but I doubt that strippers read this blog, anyway. No matter how toned and tanned your butt is, if it pops out from under your shorts, it looks cheap.

2. Also, they are NOT supposed to be so tight around the thigh area that your body starts looking strangled, for real, it's tacky.

3.Therefore, keep in mind that you must always pay attention to the size. Usually, shorts MUST be bought in a size bigger than your normal skinny jeans.

4. After making sure that your butt is covered, the length of the shorts MUST be chosen according to your body type and the quantity of cellulite you deal with. We all know cellulite is not a very pretty sight to see so try out different lenghts and find one which works for you.

Now, as long as you keep in mind what I've just written above, you are free to enjoy your summer.