Guess who's one year old?

Guess who's one year old?

Yep, that's right, has just turned one!

You might not believe it (I sure as hell don’t!) , but it’s been a year. A super short one.  I feel like my brother first sent me the Squarespace link no more than a month ago. In other words, I have no clear idea about what I’m doing in this vast world called Internet, but I’m proud to say that I’m doing something more than scrolling through news feeds…or at least I try.

Let’s take it from the beginning. It’s been mentioned before that the primary purpose of was to help me with my application for a Fashion Marketing course at The University of Manchester. Basically, it was supposed to represent something to talk about in my personal statement. And it managed to do its job perfectly whilst becoming my baby, my favorite thing to take care of and help with its growth.

Well, about the actual blog I have the hardest time talking about ‘cause my mind just goes blank when it comes to defining it ( insert stupid Tumblr quote ‘don’t be so easily defined’/’to define is to narrow’ quote here). I will never say that it’s about fashion. I’m NOT that into fashion, I have no idea which are the must-have items of SS 2015 (not even sure what this means but whatever), which are the fashion icons of the moment, which trends, which brands and other shit like that. It’s SHIT and trying to keep up with all this frenzy is way to tiring for me. But I’m addicted to beauty and harmony and most of the time I’m able to find it in the colors, fabrics and cuts of garments; it’s most accessible to me this way (this might sound really weird for some and perfectly logical for others).

 Therefore, from the very beginning I preferred to call it a personal blog. That’s simply it. It’s my personal space here on the internet (for which I pay a lot more than I would like to!) where I allow my creativity, vanity and randomness to throw a wild as fuck party. I don’t plan anything regarding my blogging activity, I’m not trying to make money out of it (even though I wouldn’t mind), I’m not trying to become internet famous or to show off. I come from a damn small town where everybody stares at me like I’m a lunatic when I take photos. I’m no model, I don’t go on expensive trips and I don’t wear big brands. 99% of my posts consist of rambling because I’m too socially awkward to talk about serious ideas and other personal stuff which I know might be helpful to some of you.  

But I enjoy every fucking minute of it. I enjoy spending 2 hours getting ready to take photos and I enjoy typing a hundred random words per minute like I do now. I enjoy having more than 7000 likes on the Facebook page of the blog and receiving mails which tell me that there’s a new comment awaiting for me on the latest post. Oh, I enjoy it just as much as I enjoy having my mom scratch my back ( that’s A LOT!).

Now, no matter if the above written 500 and something words make sense or not, it's time to reach a conclusion. It’s been a year of blogging for me and I can’t stop counting all the things that I have learned through something which seems so damn vain and superficial at first glance. I’ll keep on doing my best to perfect this blog (crazy obsessed perfectionist) and to slowly get more and more personal (to a certain extent, obviously) because I’ve noticed the crazy feedback I receive when I manage to open up some more. It’s a journey I’m incredibly excited to continue so...(imagine an empowering voice)...LET'S DO IT!

OK, now it's your turn to share with me anything you feel like about your blogging experience. The comment section awaits for YOU!