Get to Know Me

I know this is one of the most narcissistic posts ever made, but hey, a personal blog does require a certain dose of vanity…otherwise it wouldn’t even exist. So, upon request, I wrote 7 things about me which might answer some of the questions I had received since the early stages of this blog. I hope you guys will tell me more about yourselves, too...I'd love to get to know you better!

Oh...and I took advantage of those 7 things to recall 7 of the posts I like the most. (click on the photos to be redirected)

2.    I started this blog thinking that it would be of great help for my university application and it has become one of my absolute favorite things to take care of. It's my baby...

4.       My parents own a boutique in the teeny tiny town where I come from and that’s the source of both my passion for clothing and the majority of my garments.

6.       I have a deviated septum. My nose is crooked and I can breathe only through one nostril. This leads to me being almost unable to do cardio stuff because I get nauseous due to insufficient oxygen. It’s a flaw I have kind of accepted even though I’m a crazy perfectionist. I actually laugh about it most of the time, but I do wish to get surgery.

1.       I’m 1,66 m tall and I weigh 48 kg.

While going through puberty, I was super afraid that I would grow so tall I wouldn’t look feminine anymore. However, now I always find myself wishing for at least 4 more centimeters.

Also, I’m a bit weight obsessed, I don’t wanna go over 50 kg…ever.

3.       Talking about favorites, there are 3 things in this life that I LOVE doing and they go in this order:             travelling, reading and putting together pretty outfits.

5.       I’m really into makeup (potential future post?!) and judging by the compliments I receive, I guess I’m pretty good at it as well. All my knowledge in this area comes from watching tutorials religiously during the last 6 years and I’m considering taking up a makeup course in the future.

7.       Another crooked thing of mine is my spine. I have scoliosis since I was a child and I have done quite a lot of gymnastics growing up in an attempt to fix it. However, it’s still there and it makes my whole body asymmetrical.

Well...hope you found this somehow interesting. Feel free to share any random thing about yourself in the comments below. Like I said, I'm really curious :D