I'm quite the perfectionist and the one obsessed with 'improving' myself...because of that I simply go cray cray from time to time. I mean, this past week I felt the need to delete about half of my blog post. Why? Because I just didn't like them anymore, I found the outfits to be mediocre and the photos lame...

Let's say that the more I blog,  the higher my standards get and I can't do anything else but ask myself how could anyone compliment me on my blogging activity 6 months ago when more than 90% of it was complete garbage! (just realized that half a year from now I'm likely to say the same thing about this post haha)

However, on the more optimistic side, I remember reading and agreeing with something along the lines of: if you aren't at least a little bit ashamed of how you were and what you did two years ago, you haven't made any progress. Well, I guess I just progress faster than the majority :))