About Make-up Brushes (featuring Real Techniques)

About Make-up Brushes (featuring Real Techniques)

Here's the second blog post that falls under the 'Make-up' category. You've probably realized already that it's about make-up brushes so I'll try to get right to the point.

I don't have a whole lot of experience in this area - until a bit over a year ago I used to be one of those girls who would quickly apply foundation and concealer using my fingers and only had a few random, unexpensive and of not very good quality brushes: one for powder, one for blush and 2 or 3 for my eyes.

As my make-up knowledge and skills improved I started to become more aware of their importance and various roles. The first better quality brushes I ever put my hands on were the ones from the Real Techniques Starter Set which I received as a birthday present. I got along with them very well so I decided to stick with that brand to build the rest of my collection. Therefore...

The advantages of using make-up brushes:

-if you use good brushes and if you use them properly, you get waaay better results : a flawless finish for your foundation, good and precise coverage with your concealer, blended eye shadow etc.

-as long as you keep them clean, they're more hygienic than your fingers (we all know that ‘don’t touch your face’ rule)

-they spare you the drag of having to wash your hands several times after you apply your make-up so you won’t leave foundation finger prints everywhere

- also, good brushes help you pick up only the right amount of product and that means less waste ;)

About the Real Techniques brushes:

-they have been created by two youtube makeup artists/gurus (can't really remember their names right know...)

-they are some of the best brushes you get in terms of the price-quality relationship

-they have synthetic bristles so they can be used with both liquid and powder products

-they have great reviews – I’ve only ever read one bad review about them (to which I couldn’t relate at all) – for me they do an amazing job at applying products (you gotta have some skill too, though) and they’re as good as new after I’ve washed them several times

My brushes and what I use them for:

1.Expert Face Brush – foundation and concealer

2.Sculpting Brush – contouring

3.Setting Brush – highlighting

4.The Duo Fibre Collection - Face Brush – blush/ Contour Brush – I actually use this for applying powder/ Eye Brush – this one I do use properly :D

5.The Starter Set - I use them for my eyes and for my eyebrows

How I care for them: I wash all of my brushes once a week with baby shampoo 'cause that's more gentle. I also use a pore cleansing pad in order to manage to wash away all of the product that's deeply stuck within the bristles of the brush. I know that's meant for the face but it does this job really well, too.

I really hope that you enjoyed this post and that you found it useful. :D