Shortly after I had started this blog, when my initial excitement had calmed down, a question popped into my head: 'Will I have to remain a blonde for as long as I will be active on this blog just for the sake of personal branding?'. But I'm a Gemini, I get bored easily and no matter how conservative I am when it comes to my hair, I really do like changes. Anything that looks somehow like a responsibility/obligation makes me incredibly anxious.

I remember without too much effort the photo of Paris Hilton that has inspired me to turn my long light brown hair into an asymmetrical blond bob when I was 14. A little effort to convince my parents and immediately after I had taken the photo for my first ID card, I went directly to the hair salon. From then on, I kind of identify myself with the blond hair (that's definitely something a blonde would say :)) ). I feel like it best fits my personality and that after each 'temporary madness' , that's what I'll go back to. However, making some changes from time to time is necessary for my sanity.

Talking about 'temporary madness', here's one: it's supposed to be a grey/silver with violet reflections... something suitable for winter. And does anyone remember the turquoise